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A Letter From Ilham

Dear Families of Wonder Bees Academy,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the Mental Health Specialist at Wonder Bees, Ilham Saleh, LMSW. With over 10 years of experience and institutional education in child abuse, trauma, crisis intervention, community supportive treatment, psychosocial skills, and mental health, I am thrilled to bring my expertise to this wonderful community. As a passionate advocate for children and families, I am committed to prioritizing the mental health and well-being of every child at Wonder Bees Academy. It is my hope that by working together, we can lay the foundation for healthier cognitive and social development for every child.

Ilham's Story

At Wonder Bees, we prioritize the mental health and well-being of children from birth to five years old. With a Master's degree in Social Work (LMSW) and an Associate's degree in Medical Billing and Coding, Ilham possesses a unique skill set to address the diverse needs of our children.

Ilham's passion for helping children and families is evident in her previous work with Louisiana DCFS, where she assisted families in finding resources to enhance their everyday lives. Her expertise and advocacy make her the inspiration behind Wonder Bees Academy, ensuring that every child and family enrolled here receives the support they need.

Having an LMSW social worker/mental health specialist at Wonder Bees Academy offers numerous benefits. Ilham's extensive experience and education enable her to provide crucial support and guidance to children facing various challenges, such as autism, conduct disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression. She also has expertise in social attachment, play therapy, and social and emotional development for infants, children, youth, and adults. By prioritizing mental health from an early age, we lay the foundation for healthier cognitive and social development, leading to improved academic performance, secure attachments, and higher self-esteem.

Ilham's commitment to making a difference extends beyond her professional role. She has dedicated and volunteered years of her own time to help disadvantaged communities in New Orleans, showcasing her passion for creating positive change. We are incredibly proud to have Ilham Saleh, LMSW, as part of our team, ensuring a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for every child to flourish at Wonder Bees Academy.

Why Mental Health Matters..

Ilham's role involves identifying and addressing any emotional, social, or behavioral concerns that may arise in our young learners. She provides individualized support, guidance, and resources to help children navigate their emotions, build healthy relationships, and develop essential coping skills.

Mental health is vital for children from birth to five years old. This critical period sets the foundation for their future emotional well-being. By prioritizing mental health at an early age, we pave the way for healthier cognitive and social development. Children who receive proper mental health support are more likely to thrive academically, form secure attachments, and have improved self-esteem.

We understand that fostering a positive mental health environment is crucial for the overall growth and happiness of our children. With the guidance of our dedicated Mental Health Specialist, Ilham Saleh, LMSW, we strive to create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where every child can flourish.

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